An important note to our Customers

Dear Customers,

Here with, we would like to inform you of the following topics that might impact you when you order from our webshop:

1. Covid-19 Pandemic
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a behavioural change in shopping by a lot of people worldwide from physical shopping to virtual shopping. This has lead to an increase in demand of products we sell and services needed to get them to your house or company building. The effect this has on our stock is that you will see more volatility in our stock and product suddenly getting our of stock. You will also be faced with longer delivery times as carriers find it more and more difficult to deliver on promiss. We have seen increases in delivery times going up by as much as 100%. We regret this is happening, but we cannot change this either. Please take delays into account when ordering.

2. Lockdown in the Netherlands
As of mid December, the home country of our business is in a state of lockdown. This means that the majority of non vital businesses have had to close until further notice. This also includes stores which we use to send out parcels. We are doing everything we can to curcumvent this and use different drop off locations, but this is not always possible or these drop off locations are not opened as scheduled before the lockdown. Effectively, this could lead to a delay n your order getting dispatched. Please take this into account when ordering.

3. Brexit
A special note to our beloved customer from the United Kingdom. We regret informing you that, effective January 1st 2021, we have stopped selliing products to inhabitants of the United Kingdom until further notice. The new rules,relating to the Brexit have resulted in a significant increase in the administrative burden on companies like ours. Rules that differ significantly from any other set of rules that we need to adhere to. It is simply not profitably anymore to sell good to customers living in the UK without significantly increasing prices for those customers, and that is something we simply think is unfair.

Thank you very much for your attention.

The management of