Terms & Conditions

Final Terms & Conditions are the Dutch version. Below is an overview of the most important terms. If you would like to view the final terms, then please change the language, copy the terms and use a translator engine to translate in the language of your choice.
Article 1. Definitions
In these terms we mean with:
1.Entrpeneur: Emekshop.nl or us;
2.Consumer: you;
3.Contract over Distance: the order you digitally sign by clicking on the order button;
4.Technology for cummunicating over a distance: Media you use to order from us;
5.Cooling Down Period: Period during which you can recall your order without providing reasons;
6.Right to Recall: Your right to recall an order without the necessaty to provide reasons for recalling;
7.Day: 24 hours;
8.Long lastig Media: Media on which you can store personal data sent to you.
Article 2. Identity of Entrepeneur
Emekshop.nl (part of Horus ICT)
postal adres:
Panoramaweg 6
 6155 LZ Puth
 The Netherlands
 Visit adres:
 Panoramaweg 6
 6155 LZ Puth
 The Netherlands

tel.: +31 (0)46 711 3690
C.v.C. nr.: 14132642
VAT nr.: NL001822538B28
Article 3 - Relevance
1.These terms apply to any offer the entrepeneur makes and every contract/order the entrepeneur agrees upon. The Dutch version of these terms will always apply and will be leading. The English version is an extraact of the Dutch terms containing the most relevant data. Ommited ddata is either not relevant or non decisive.
Article 4 - The offer
1.If the offer is valid for a specific period, then the offer will mention the exact period.
2.The offer contains a full explanation of the product. Entrepeneur is not liable for any mistakes.
Article 5 - The Contract
1.If consumer agrees to the offer, and entrepeneur accepts, then the contract is legaly binding for both parties. Consumer will get a confirmation of the order as an expression to indicate the binding contract.
Article 6a - Right to Recall
1.Consumer has the right to recall the order within 7 business days after receiiving the products. Consumer is not obliged to provide reasoning for the recall.
2.Consumer will not use or extensively try the product and will return the product in it's original packing. Consumer will only unpackk the product and use the product so that he can assess the product decently.
Article 6b - Recall and Returning
1.Returning goods within the recall period is possible as mentioned above. The risk of returning the items is carried by the customer.
Article 7 - Costs in case of recall
1.Only the costs of the return shipment will be paid for by consumer.
2.Entrepeneur will refund the paid amout within 30 days.
Article 9 - Price
1.Prices will not change after the contract has been agreed upon.
2.Prices include Dutch VAT.
Article 10 - Guarantee
1.Consumer may expect a faultless product. Entrpeneur guarantees a faultless prroduct..
2.Consumer may return products under guarantee when production errors occur within 2 years after purchase.
Artikel 11 - Delivery and Shipment
1.Entrepeneur takes care of decent delivery and packaging.
2.Destination is shipping address proviided by consumer.
3.Delivery will take place within 10 business days.
Article 14 - Complaints
1.In case of complaints, contact entrepeneur.
2.Entrepeneur will respond within 14 days after receipt of complaint.
3.If no solution to the complaint can be agreed upon, Dutch law and the court in Maastricht will be the jurisdiction to handle the complaint.